2018 Jaguar XE vs 2018 Jaguar XF

2018 Jaguar XE Exterior Driver Side Front Profile vs 2018 Jaguar XF Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

For over a decade, the Jaguar XF has had a foothold in the midsize luxury sedan segment. It was revamped just a few years ago in 2015, which was the same time that the new compact luxury sedan, the Jaguar XE, was introduced. The two vehicles are extremely similar to one another despite their difference in the segments. Size is obviously a factor, but beyond that the two luxury sedans are quite comparable.

We wanted to find out just how comparable, so we decided to pit the 2018 Jaguar XE vs 2018 Jaguar XF in a side-by-side comparison. The table below highlights just how similar the two vehicles are to one another, but also the main difference that sets them apart. Give it a glance and then read on for more details.

2018 Jaguar XE


2018 Jaguar XF

Compact Sedan Segment Midsize Sedan
247 HP Horsepower 247 HP
28 mpg Combined Fuel Efficiency 28 mpg
14.7 cu. ft. Cargo Capacity 19.1 cu. ft.

Advantages of the 2018 XE

The first row beneath the headlines highlights once again which segment each vehicle belongs to, with the older XF being the larger midsize luxury sedan, and the newer XE belonging to the compact luxury sedan segment. However, as you can see in the second and third rows, the two sedans offer the exact same horsepower and fuel efficiency despite their difference in size. Both vehicles utilize the same 2.0L turbocharged engine, and it seems to generate the same power and achieve the same efficiency in both vehicles.

The one main difference that is present in the two vehicles, however, is cargo capacity. Obviously, the larger Jaguar XF is going to have a trunk to match. The XF offers an extra 4.4 cubic feet of space in the trunk to fit whatever you need to bring along – groceries, luggage, a bag of soccer balls, whatever. If you’re interested in a 2018 Jaguar XE of your own, be sure to get in touch with us right here at Jaguar Stevens Creek!