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First Look: Jaguar E-PACE Preview

 When Will The Jaguar E-PACE Be Released?

The Jaguar E-PACE has a tentative release date of Q2 2017 but is subject to change.

 How Much Will The Jaguar E-PACE Cost?

The starting MSRP of the Jaguar E-PACE has not yet been announced.

 Jaguar's Newest Crossover

If the Jaguar F-Pace is a bit too big for your purposes, hold on. The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace is coming. The newest Jaguar is in development, and there’s a lot of excitement building. This smaller SUV will also be more affordable, giving Jaguar lovers a lower price point for ownership.

 Crossover Appeal

It’s no wonder that Jaguar is developing a crossover. The F-Pace, the first Jaguar SUV, has become its hottest seller. A smaller sibling is a logical next step to continue the momentum that the F-Pace has started.

The E-Pace SUV has been spotted in the Italian Alps. It’s clear that engineers intend to put this crossover through its paces before letting it come to market. No doubt, those mountain roads will give engineers all of the information they need to make sure that the E-Pace is as competitive as it is luxurious.

Jaguar E-PACE Side View
Jaguar E-PACE Rear View

 Performance and Appearance

Since four-wheel drive is common in the Jaguar line-up, it’s easy to assume that the E-Pace will have it. Yet there are rumors that front-wheel drive may be standard at the base level. While some expect it to be a Baby F-Pace, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. It will be smaller with shorter overhangs in the front and a much shorter rear. A unique roofline will further distinguish it from its bigger sibling.

Rather than using the F-Pace body, the underlying build is likely to be based on its relatives, the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Evoque. This LR-MS Chassis has a projected design span expected to last until the year 2022. Using the LR-MS Chassis definitely has its advantages. It ensures a stiffer ride for better handling. Best of all, it maximizes the cabin’s size. Helping the Jaguar E-Pace offer more legroom and headroom.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s chief designer, has suggested that the company is looking at a transverse-engine layout. Engine choices are still unknown, but it is expected that refined four-cylinder turbos will yield the horsepower and torque needed to move the small Jag. Shoppers can also count on the precision of a ZF-sourced nine-speed automatic transmission.

 How Much Will The E-PACE cost?

The E-Pace will slot below the F-Pace, and it is expected to be priced in the low $30,000 range. Another new offering, the I-Pace is also in development. This will bring hybrid technology to the lineup. Both new Jaguars are expected in 2018.

 San Jose Welcomes The Jaguar E-PACE

If you can’t wait for the E-Pace, the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is available now in five trims with many engine choices at Jaguar of San Jose. Drop by and take your pick for a test drive.